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Tim Armacost: tenor/soprano sax, alto flute, electronics
Harvie S: bass
Chistian Finger: drums


IN is out! The new NY metro-based jazz group, a collaboration of equals consisting of distinguished pros Harvie S (double-bass), Tim Armacost (sax and flute), and Christian Finger (drums), has just released its first album, Defining Moment. It’s jazz that’s rhythm-driven and straight ahead – opening out into soaring, atmospheric explorations still tight and grounded.

We see our mission as playing music that has a connection to the soul, that showcases expressive possibilities, and that demonstrates how egalitarian collaboration both on and off the stage is possible, beneficial and, these days, necessary. To this end, all three members write original compositions, participate in the business end, and are committed to turning vision into reality. It’s all a matter of the authentic interplay of equals, our audience right in it with us. So we hope you’ll join in the mix and give the enclosed copy of our CD an honest listen and review.

The timing’s right because IN is just set to go on tour – it’s a defining moment! So we’d like to get the word out to the individual fan bases of each of our group’s members, to let them know that there’s something new in the air. These fan bases are extensive. That’s because our members have performed with a ‘Who’s Who’ of jazz luminaries: the world-renowned bassist Harvie S ( has played on over 400 records and is number one on the jazz charts right now with Kenny Barron on their Duo CD; Tim ( has played with Al Foster, Billy Hart and Randy Brecker; and Christian ( has played with Lee Konitz, Dave Stryker, Dave Kikoski, Vadim Neselovskyi and Drum Duet with Jeff Ballard.


“Intimate, intense, incandescent, and inventive are just a few of the “in” words that grace the cover of this group’s debut album, accurately describing the IN Trio’s approach to music-making. Add insightful, intriguing, indelible, and inspired to the list. While these three men are certainly capable of taking the “out” route, they choose the other path here, creating music that’s inviting.Add insightful, intriguing, indelible, and inspired” …how inventive the IN Trio can be.”
(Dan Bilwasky, All About Jazz, June 2014)

“…some serious cutting-edge music…, the finest improvisatory spirit and interplay,…intriguing originals, .. with telepathic improvisation”“…the aural space the trio travels only whets the appetite for what will follow this rock-solid debut.”
(New York City Jazz Recorder-T. Holmes, April 2014)

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