My Album is called “Ananda” which means “The World is Bliss” in Sanskrit.
The compositions reflect real and imagined experiences in places around the world; reminding us that we are not alone, and that the world is a blissful place if we allow ourselves to be open to it in the moment.

Ideas for compositions come from many different sources. Listening and analyzing the masters in all musical genres is a constant exploration for me. Experiences from everyday life in New York and abroad will spark an idea for a title, a rhythm or a mood that then is expressed through music. Art, architecture, and literature also provide continual sources of inspiration and ideas.
The compositions in turn are diverse, ranging from fast paced and exciting, spontaneous and playful to slow and introspective.

One specific trademark of my compositions aims to explore the American Jazz tradition and combine it with a European sensibility. Thus the addition of a string quartet that not only masters the classical tradition, but has great strength in jazz and improvisation, namely the Mivos Quartet. Featuring an amzing cast of musicians, those 13 music pieces are

Another characteristic of my compositions is that, when writing, I take careful consideration of the specific sound each musician creates. I then tailor each part or voice so that each person has the opportunity to use his or her strengths. This allows the artists to create at their best, and results in a unique sound enhancing the intuitive and interactive playfulness of the band.

As I mentioned before, my aim is to combine jazz traditions with a European sensibility. Add to that my desire to create music that enables the musicians to perform at their best, and we create a union that is bigger than the individual. How to translate this into music?
I use jazz, classical, rock elements and mix them with improvisation to create an intimate and personal atmosphere.
If one is open to it, it is my hope/aspiration that the music will transport the listener to an expanded state of consciousness, leaving him or her with the understanding that we are not alone, and to experience the world as a blissful place. Here the Kickstarter video where I talk about the project:

The band recorded one day before Super storm ‘Sandy’…Adam’s family evacuated while we were recording; the Subway system shut down-the assistant engineer had to leave; Vadim had a last bus to Boston to catch; the streets of NYC deserted in anticipation-and yet we played focused, relaxed and made it happen, recording ten pieces of music in one day.

Christian Finger “ANANDA-The World Is Bliss”

1 African Skies, Linear Lives 5:51

2 Truth Waltzed In 8:07

3 Interlude 1:32

4 Ananda 7:49

5 Nights Beyond, India 6:39

6 Two Faces 7:01

7 For Now 6:32

8 Secret Procession I 10:44

9 Secret Procession II 1:55

10 Not Gone, Not Forgotten 3:01

11 African Skies, Drumming Lives: Boubacar’s Son’s (Drum Trio/Duo) 8:59

12 In’s Weltenall 1: Into the Sky 6:02

13 In’s Weltenall 2: Endless Stars 3:39 total time: 77.57

All compositions by Christian Finger/ Musicians: Jeff Ballard/drums (track 11),
Dave Stryker/guitar (tracks 2, 6, 7), Vadim Neselovskyi/piano, Zach Brock/violin,
Pete McCann/guitar, Adam Armstrong/bass, Christian Finger/drums,
Bobby Harden/vocals (track 6), Mivos String Quartet (tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13)
Recorded by James Farber at Sear Sound Studios, New York City, October 28, 2012
String Quartet recorded at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn, February 24, 2013
Mixed by Chris Sully, Mastered by Kevin Blackler.

Exciting News:
On December 18 and 19 we will record my new album “Letters to Voltaire” at Big Orange Sheep recording Studios in Brooklyn, featuring myself and two musicians that are the heart and soul of my band since TEN YEARS:
Vadim Neselovskyi on piano and Adam Armstrong on bass.
This trio will record all new compositions that I have been writing over the last three years, starting after the release of the album “Ananda”.
The friendship, history of music making and mutual respect with these brilliant players is so palpable and needs to be documented. Stay tuned for pictures and video from the studio sessions.

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