Claudius Valk-Saxophon
Hans Wanning-piano
Ingo Senst-bass

May 16 Dortmund-Domicil

May 18 Rheinberg, NEUER VERANSTALTUNGSORT::::MiJazz-Veranstaltung im Forum des Amplonius-Gymnasium – Dr.-Aloys-Wittrup-Str. 18 – 47495 Rheinberg



New “Ananda” CD Feat. Jeff Ballard, Dave Stryker, Zach Brock,
Vadim Neselovskyi, Pete McCann, Adam Armstrong, Bobby Harden,
Mivos String Quartet available now!

Bob Blumenthal: “It takes an exceptional composer, leader and percussionist to conceive a program of such ambition and scope, much less to make it work. Christian Finger is all three in one person, and Ananda marks him as an exceptional and exemplary contemporary musician.”

“Down Beat” : “… Ananda is brimming with idealism and fearless venture…drummer Christian Finger embarked upon considerable globe-hopping before eventually taking root in Brooklyn, and he cites this disc as his spiritual world “travelogue.” To his credit, this ambitious undertaking successfully aspires to exude an abstract, sprawling vibe of global connectivity… Ananda is plentiful with such moments: cinematic tableaus that somehow gracefully merge between unlikely leaps…on-the-sleeve honesty and that’s key…”-Jeff Potter

Christian Finger Band Plays “Ananda” and new compositions.

live at Somethin’ Jazz Club, FRIDAY, JAN.30, 2015

7pm (sharp) till 9pm – 2 sets- cover $12
212 East 52nd St NYC, phone 212-371-7857

Vadim Neselovskyi-piano
Adam Armstrong – bass
Christian Finger-drums/compositions

A NICE VALENTINE’S GIFT, see great reviews below ::::NEW “Ananda” CD feat. Jeff Ballard, Dave Stryker, Zach Brock, Vadim Neselovskyi, Pete McCann, Adam Armstrong, Bobby Harden, Mivos String Quartet now available: and LIKE US ON:

FIVE GREAT REVIEWS FOR “ANANDA”, a new album by Christian Finger

“This is a very interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable album that includes both very modern jazz and contemporary classical music… there is certainly music, with a little imagination, to fill your mind with fascinating images and lasting 78 minutes you should also feel really good about its value for money…The string playing is superb but all members of the band are excellent in this pulsating, sinuous piece. Not Gone, Not Forgotten is contemporary, classical music featuring Finger and the Mivos String Quartet and highlights the breadth of Finger’s compositional talent with a nod towards Mozart.”
Howard Lawes,

“… an inspired collection of compositions for your listening pleasure… songs are a true clinic in how to improvise within a through composed work….Overall, Ananda is a recording you’ll enjoy from start to finish and one that certainly meets the standards of Christian Finger’s two previous recordings. “
4 Star rating (out of 5), Paula Edelstein,

“It’s obvious Finger is making music just for the sheer pleasure of it, combining brain with beat, and the result is indeed bliss on many level… The disc is, in fact, a killer fusion outing that would be perfectly at home on MoonJune or myriad other progressive labels, even ECM—the old ECM, the 70s ECM, as the balladic title cut, African Skies, Linear Lives, is a conjugation of Oregon meeting Mahavishnu Orchestra meeting Shadowfax, especially once Pete McCann enters with his psychedelic Holdsworth/Boyle/Abercrombie guitar style. Then Vadim Neselovskyi enters and mixes it up with the composition, on piano going from Jarrett to Wasilewski to Evans.
…The above three paragraphs only briefly and lightly touch on the feast this CD offers, and Ananda is 78 minutes long, so you have plenty of time to get your music buzz on and sustain it.”
Mark Tucker,

“This is a reminder of the kind of high octane world jazz you would get from the pals of John McLaughlin or Frank Zappa when they would wander off with their own solo deals. With an all-star crew of up and coming ‘jazzbros’ in tow, everyone here is having a blast backing this worldly drummer up. This is pressing the buttons to spur some world fusion nostalgia quite easily. Tasty stuff that’s right in the world fusion bag.”
Chris Spector,

“…The program of this rather ambitious drummer succeeds without problems, including string quartets and the music of the quartet, in tune with contemporary jazz; out comes an album that can seem eclectic at first listen, but then convinces even from this point of view: arches have depth in what they express and elsewhere the modern mainstream of the other musicians has the quality to stand out. …put together form an album that despite the length is not tiring but, indeed invites to continuous playback for better appreciate the beautiful melodies and solos. ”

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